Eliminate All kinds Of Sickness with JIGSIMUR

What is JIGSIMUR ?

Jigsimur is a blend of carefully selected potent herbs and roots that have been scientifically proven to prevent and cure common ailments and stubborn diseases.

It  is a Therapeutic Blend and a Traditional African Medicine(TAM).

What does JIGSIMUR contain?

Jigsimur contains the following:

(i) Antioxidant .

(ii) Phyto-nutrient .

(iii) Anti aging elements .

All these makes it very ideal for both the young and the old to consume or use JIGSIMUR.

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Does JIGSIMUR have any side effect?

Jigsimur has no any side effects as all the blends are 100% herbs and roots

Jigsimur is brewed from the sap found in the *Aloe Ferox* plant which is *grown in the Western Cape of South Africa. The calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc in Aloe Ferox* is much higher than in Aloe Vera.


The founder/inventor of this life saving blend is *Dr Jonathan Smith* was diagnosed of *Cancer* in the year 1998, he was seeking a natural solution after all conventional drugs and medication were not helpful, his research result is *JIGSIMUR* and in eleven (11) months after he placed himself on the Jigsimur therapy, *he was cancer free.*

He launched into full commercial operation in S.A in 2000.

*Nigeria* is the second nation after SA *to have a taste of JIGSIMUR*

*Ghana has joined*

We are already moving to other African nations from here.


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What kind of Sickness can We Use JIGSIMUR to treat/cure?

The use of Jigsimur improves your overall health and immune system and is
Used for the treatment of

(i) Cancer.

(ii) Arthritis.

(iii) Gout.

(iv) Fibrosis.

(V) Diabetes.

(Vi) Migraines.

(Vii) Insomnia.

(Viii) Gall and Kidney stones.

(Ix) Throat infections

(X) Heart burn Colic.

(Xi) Stomach ulcers.

(Xii) Hepatitis B.

(Xiii) Bladder infections.

(Xiv) Shingles.

(XV) Constipation.

(XVi) Pile.

(Xvii) Prostates.

(Xviii) Fibroid.

(XViv) Osteoporosis.

(XX) Tonsillitis.

(XXi) Stroke.

(XXii) Eczema.

(XXiii) Hypertension.

(XXiv) Conjunctivitis.



What are the things You Should Expect As You Start Using JIGSIMUR ?


1. Colon Cleansing

  • A dirty colon is like that heap of smelling refuse dump on the street. It breeds all kinds of bacteria and diseases. That is why your feaces smells.
    In the first 3 days, Jigsimur will cleans your system. Drink more water during the day.If it persist after 3 days start taking 15mls but don’t stop,it’s working

2. You will feel lighter and more energized.

That means your Liver will start functioning better.

3. You will sleep better and your appetite will improve.

4. Your eyesight will become clearer and you will feel a general sense of well being.

Its a signal that your body cells are jubilating and that healing has started.

5. Some people may have reactions.

It is expected. It is called healing Crisis or Haexemier syndrome. Pls don’t stop at this point out of fear. Drink 30mls of Jigsimur in the morning on an empty stomach and 30 mls at night before going to bed. 30mls is about 3 table spoon full. Jigsimur has no side effect. It is guaranteed to Cure that disease.

*Also note . Do a repeat test to ascertain cure after taking 4 or 8 big bottles(depending on how severe the case is)

Remember to send us your testimony. Stay Healthy. Stay with JIGSIMUR.


Jigsimur can also be used topically to treat the following ailments;

1. *Wounds/Boils*
Dab some quantity of Jigsimur on cotton wool and rub it on the surface of the wound, including Diabetic wounds or boil.

2. *Mouth Odour/Painful* gum and Loose Tooth
Put some quantity of Jigsimur in warm water and use to brush your mouth. Gaggle and hold some quantity of jigsimur in your mouth for 3 minutes. Repeat for about one week. It will take care of tooth problem and mouth odour.

3. *Skin Beauty*
Mix some drops of jigsimur in your body cream and rub on your skin and face. Your skin will be smooth and glowing.

4. *Athlete foot*
Rub some quantity of jigsimur on the affected part of the toes or foot after washing the foot with hot water. Rub with Jigsimur until the atlete pain stops.

5. *Eczema and other skin diseases*
Wash the affected parts with hot water, dry and rub with jigsimur.

6. *Breaking/Grey Hair*
Rub the hair with Jigsimur to stop grey hair or breaking hair.

7. *Breast firming*
Rub jigsimur on the breast from base up
Rub at night and wash off next morning. It will help firm up the breast, prevent mastititis.

9. *Vagina Odour/Tightening*
Mix some quantity of Jigsimur with small quantity of warm water and use as a douche to wash the vagina. It helps tighten the vagina and prevent odour.

10. *External Swelling*
While you are drinking the juice, use some quantity to massage the swollen part.

11. *Wrinkles/Black spot*
Rub some quantity of Jigsimur on the face to remove black spots and wrinkles and acne (pimples)



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You don’t have to wait to get sick and now seek for treatment later. As you wake up this morning I hope you have taken your JIGSIMUR HERBAL as seen above☝️? If not, you are missing a lot of health benefits. To take your JIGSIMUR HERBAL, simply pour the right dosage of 15ml intake using the cup measurement seen above☝️ into your mouth and drink down your throat. Then drink plenty of water at least 5 or 10 minutes after that. Then drink enough water throughout the day for proper hydration. JIGSIMUR herbal is best taken in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach except if you are a Ulcer patient you are advised to eat first before JIGSIMUR Herbal intake. Same measurement of 15ml intake last at night before bed. Besides helping in health challenges, improving your immune system is vital in this pandemic season and Jigsimur Herbal will give you exactly that. Have a Jigs day.*

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