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My name is  Ifeoma Fidelia Okwara. I have B.Sc in Applied Biology from Ebonyi State University. Moved to Lagos after marriage, I started teaching Biology in a Secondary School, because I love teaching and I am passionate about teaching.

While teaching, I proceeded to get a PGDE (post Graduate Diploma In Education) Certificate (a program I ran for 9 months) to be relevant in the field of Education. I also got TRCN (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria) Certification & and License immediately after my PGDE program.  After a while, I went ahead to do my Masters in Health Management.

I resigned from teaching after 7 years of teaching in a class room, not because of the ridiculous private school salary, no, but because I was not fulfilled. In fact, I felt I was restricted to only the four walls of the classroom. I needed more audience because only students in the class room could hear my voice and benefit from me. I needed a larger audience, I needed a bigger platform for more people to hear my voice. And I would not achieve that if I continued to teach in a class room, so I decided to resign.

Then I moved into media (Although while in the University, I was a freelance writer to some newspapers and magazine companies.

After I resigned from teaching, in a quest to get a bigger platform to unleash my God given talents which was to give free access to information, sensitize people on health issues as well as promote sound and quality education…, so I met a friend who introduced me to a radio presenter here in Lagos, that was how I joined and became a regular feature in a radio program @ 90.9fm Top radio Lagos. The title of that radio program is ** Grammatical license* the program was all about grammar and common mistakes in English. Though, that was not my niche, but I had to join them like that because I needed to penetrate into media first.

Within a short period of time, I became uncomfortable and left because I needed a program that will give me opportunity to unleash the potentials in me. I needed to speak on health Topics, Education and family values.

Shortly after I left Top radio Lagos (grammatical license) I lunched *ACTIVE LIFE MEDIA* , then I started  my own independent radio program at an online/internet radio station, which I titled *Active Life* ( that’s where the name of this blog is derived from) a program that advocate good health, promotes sound and quality education and other discussions that are geared towards the inculcation of strong family values.


As we all know, the Penetration of online/internet radio is not deep and far reaching as FM /terrestrial radio stations. Therefore, I created a Facebook group where I got 90% of my listeners. while running my independent radio program, I got a lecturing job with a polytechnic here in Lagos but within a short period I stopped the online radio program and headed to enroll for TV & Radio presentation course @ National Broadcast Academy (NBA) Ikeja to get a professional training and certification.

After graduation, I did my internships with AIT (African Independent Television) Daar communications Lagos.

After my IT at AIT, I was retained at their sister radio station (ray power 100.5 FM) out of 24 students from NBA who came for internship.

I left them after a while because I was not getting the opportunities to unleash my potentials.

Today I am comfortably co- presenting a health program titled *health line on radio* @ Jordan 105.5fm Lagos, with a seasoned broadcaster cum Actor, a certified Lactation consultant, in the person of Mr Christ Akwarandu.  


A program that gives me 100% opportunity to talk about health on different topics, gives me the opportunities to interact with medical Doctors and other professionals in health related issues. I am comfortable and fulfilled because, I am doing what I love to do.


I also Host another Radio program titled *zero to Hero* a program that aimed at disabusing the mind of the youths from get rich quick syndrome.

I write and also edit for a magazine companies on different health Topics.

Today I created this blog as a means to reach out to more people with information. my passion for blogging is strictly inspired by things I love to do. I love to educate people around me. I am an open, honest and passionate individual. I am popularly known as ify Dennis on Air and on Social media due to my ability to intellectualize issues, and accommodate people of all classes and my friendly nature.

www.ifyactiveblog.com.ng  is subsidiary of Active life media Agency.  As an independent media agency, we make conscious effort to keep our integrity, and promote true and original content.

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