Medical Tests you must do before marriage

Medical Tests you must do before marriage

  1. Do you want to go into marriage?

Are you about to walk down the Aisle with the love of your life?
Before you take that slow walk , down the aisle with the love of your life, there are medical informations about him/her you must know and be willing to live with.
Have you got a lady or a guy you will like to spend the the rest of your life with as your wife or husband.
It’s a very good thing, but remember that all that glitters is not gold.
It will be very frustrating and dangerous to move into that life time institution  and begin to regret after one year into it.

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Sex within marriage, is without suspicion and hence bears a higher risk when one spouse is a carrier of an STD.
The ability to have babies matters to many spouses  especially in the African setting.
Bringing out a baby with
Chronic medical conditions is very dangerous and expensive too.
Chronic medical conditions often last a lifetime.
 There are a myriad of chronic illnesses. Notable ones are hepatitisdiabetes, some types of cancerssyphilisherpes, HIV and epilepsy among others.
 It is important that couples know their health status regarding these health conditions.
However, the physician says the importance of testing for these illnesses should not be tethered to marriage. It is advisable that every individual  do these tests and find out the status of their health regardless of marriage prospects or not.
It is worth noting that a spouse suffering from a chronic condition may need care round the clock to be provided by their partner hence the need to find out prior to marriage.
Knowing whether you suffer from these diseases or not helps you make informed decisions not just with marriage but gives you confidence about your self.
These are medical tests everyone need to go for before saying , “I do”
1. Blood group test /Rhesus factor test:
Blood tests are important especially when it comes to pregnancy. The most significant thing in blood tests is the Rhesus factor. 
When a woman with rhesus negative blood group marry a rhesus positive husband, there is a greater chance of rhesus incompatibility.
The first child is usually born without trouble.

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But Problems will start with subsequent pregnancies when the mother’s body forms antibodies to attack the foetus leading to intrauterine death and miscarriages.
However,blood group tests are not a standard of care for couples who want to married, But for pregnant women.
Although, technological advancement has provided a solution for Rhesus incompatibility.
This is because,
Doctors can administer anti-D  immunoglobulins at 28 weeks of pregnancy and save the foetus.
The blood type mismatch would only require counselling and proper medical intervention.
2. HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD):
HIV and STDs
Second on my medical tests list is HIV and STDs , because I expect things to get well.
HIV is primarily transmitted through sexual inter course.
You should check for the possibility of lifelong infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C and Herpes,
as well as curable ones like gonorrhoea, syphilis, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, Chlamydia, etc.
Research Statistics has shown that 50% of young people will get an STD and not know it.
If everything checks out, that’s great. If not, It’s okay, but the knowledge of your partner’s status will help you take the right measures to protect yourself should you decide to go ahead. Having prior knowledge and taking the appropriate steps as directed by your doctor will also reduce the risk of infertility or miscarriages.
3. Fertility Test:
This is a test done to ascertain the fertility of a couple. More often a couple is unaware that they have fertility problems until about 2 or more years after marriage and unsuccessful trials at conceiving.
The test unveils  the reproductive hormones in both partners while semen analysis is tested in the man and ovulation is tested in the woman. Except a couple is not willing to have children before or after marriage, this is one important test to get done.

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While the doctor does not agree that fertility tests (testing for viability of sperms, eggs or if fallopian tubes are blocked) should be a basis for marriage, Doctors also agree that these tests are very crucial  especially for individuals who suspect that they may never be able to  conceive.
4. Genotype Test:
This test will reveal to you whether your genotype is  “SS” ( a carrier of the sickle cell trait) , “AS” , or normal “AA”.
This test is one of the most important of this list. In fact, some religious institutions now make it compulsory for all intending couples to have their genotypes done.
It is a very important test to do. The sickle cell trait is so common among blacks. You may not be a sickler but be a carrier of the trait (AS)- and you only need another partner carrying the AS trait to give birth to children who are sicklers. The suffering that comes with being a sickler or having a sickler child is too frustrating and painful  for any couple in their right thinking minds to ignore.
Funny enough,  Africans have refused to acknowledge the significance of this test.
Yet, its impact on marriages and relationships bears great consequences. People who are mentally unstable have been found to exhibit violent behaviours. Also, some mental ailments like bipolar disorder have been found to run in families. For example, children having at least one bipolar parent have a 10% risk of having the disease while children with both parents have the risk increased to 40%! . If you are unperturbed about marrying a mentally unstable and violent man or woman, undertake this test for your unborn children.

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  1. I must say that ,the test are very comprehensive. Just hope that intending couples out there should do the needful on carrying out these tests.

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