Inspirations behind my blog

Inspirations behind my blog

  1. My name is ifeoma Fidelia Okwara. I am a passionate individual with a strong inclination towards empowerment of the society through access to information and dissemination of valuable knowledge .
    Currently , I am a radio presenter , and content manager/developer. I am also a freelance writer and a health correspondent to some news papers and magazine companies.
    I am a trained and certified educationist, a health advocate, teenage hygiene Ambassador and a passionate and respected teacher.
    I am popularly known as Ify Dennis on Air and on social media due to my ability to intellectualize issues, ability to relate, socialize, and accommodate people of all classes and my friendly nature.
    My passion for blogging is strictly inspired by the things I love to do. I love to educate and enlighten people around me to enable them get free access to information about their health . I promote sound and qualitative education and behaviors that are geared towards the inculcation of strong family values. is a subsidiary of Active life media Agency. As an independent media Agency, we promote true and original contents. Therefore, we make conscious efforts to keep our integrity at all times as we serve the public.
This blog will focus on its title tags,which are health, education & parenting, fitness & well-being, and food & nutrition.

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In this blog, we shall be discussing on family core and how to help others have a happy and productive family. We shall be covering areas such as baby prep, maternity tips, new Mom tips,maternity fashion, health, pregnancy and exercise, becoming a good parents, etc.
This blog will also focus on educating newbies and instructions  of how to transit from point A to B to get to the next level. Areas such as productive as entrepreneur, working mum,Time management for mum,Goal planning tips, etc will be covered.
We shall also focus on general health care in other to cover areas such as tips for healthy living, fitness and exercise, stress management, different diseases and their causes, management, prevention, and cure.
Lastly, this blog will also focus on food/diet and nutrition.

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A teenage girl stopped going to School, was disowned by her parents and started Hawking on the street just because she felt signs that looks like that of pregnancy. Her breast became tender,her nipples started bringing out fliud like milk, she started feeling strange at the lower abdominal region, but because she had not experienced that before , she told her mom all that she was feeling, the mom sent her out of the house with the conclusion that she was pregnant without even taking her to the Doctor for a lab test.
A good Samaritan saw her on the street hawking at the hour she was supposed to be in school.  She called her and asked her why she was Hawking by that ungodly hour of the day. It was there and then that she narrated her story to this good Samaritan (who happened to be me ). This good Samaritan took her to the hospital immediately to have her body diagnosed. The Doctor discovered that she had Ovarian Cyst and not pregnancy. As a matter of fact, the Doctor confirmed that she is still a virgin.

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Can u imagine what ignorance can cause?
For more than five months, this girl has been neglected . therefore, Ladies an gentle men, this blog will also reveals those signs and symptoms of Ovarian Cyst, pregnancy, over weight, and many more, so that our teenage girls, boys,. moms and dads, will read and have the knowledge of changes in their body system, and know the right steps to take when they occur. I intend to be updating this blog with new Posts every two days to serve you better.

Reasons I Decided to blog On This Niche.
**To master the niche of Health generally and build authority.
** To build relationship and Trust with my readers.
**To learn new stuff.
** To improve my writing and reading skills,and researching.
**Off course to make money through writing, speaking and offering consultation.
As an independent media Agency , we promote true and original contents, and also make conscious efforts to keep our integrity at all times as we serve you better.

We encourage your Comments and Suggestions. Have you got something to contribute, questions to ask, or do you want to complain? We appreciate your opinions and will give you feedback as soon as possible. I am an open, Honest and passionate individual. Please feel free to contact me

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